The assignment for this project was to redesign a logo for any existent company, business or service. Once the logo was redesigned, the next step required you to covert it into a dynamic logo, which changed in response to two streams of data related to the company. 
I chose to redesign the logo for Palmaz Vineyard, which is a family owned vineyard located in the heart of Napa Valley. Despite the common trend of most vineyards, Palmaz differentiates itself by driving one of the oldest business models with some of the world’s most advanced technologies. By combining sensor technologies with big data, they have developed an end to end production analytics solution that measures billions of points of data; From the planting of a grape vine, to the delivery of a bottle to your home.
For this specific project, the two streams of data used to create the dynamic logo were the chlorophyll level that is in each plant, and the moisture content around each plant.

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